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Our Services

At QUICK SERVICE you have immediate service even for the most smallest urgent cases. We install laminate parquet, clean surfaces from graffiti, place mirrors, place blinds, place bathroom or kitchen accessories, wash stone or ceramic with the use of a pressure washing machine, install mailboxes, supports, metal structures, change locks, handles, glasses, ball bearing, hoses and tiles, repair concrete tile, tile waterproofing, install and maintain gutters, install and maintain air conditions, fix household appliances, masonry, wood and metal surfaces paintworks.


QUICK SERVICE undertakes plumbing with a purpose of dealing with every repair, construction or renovation and provide with the correct and trustworthy solutions that won’t cause any more problems in the future.


We offer the latest technology machines for blockages. We can find and fix the leak without breaking any concrete. As well we repair pipes without digging the ground or the walls.

Thermal Insulation Services

Quick Service can undertake the protection of a structure from heat as in thermal insulation.

Humidity & Mold Services

With the thermal camera can detect with accuracy leaks in hot and cold pipes, central heating as well as drains.

Cracks & Concrete Repair Services

Quick Service can restore cracks that create between bearing structure and walls.


Quick Service can undertake the full painting, wall insulation of your premises, combined with proper insulation and general renovation internally and externally using the best available materials.


Quick Service undertakes all kinds of plasterboard work. Plasterboard is one of the best and economic materials for the decoration and formation of your internal areas in households and professional spaces.

Quick Small Jobs Services

Because of the need for small easements, created the company that can serve you at any time for anything.

Professional Renovation Services

Quick Service undertakes the renovation of your bathroom. Before we deliver the project, we restore all kinks that can possibly occur during the execution of a project and cleaning your space

Highly Qualified, Time Served Professional Handyman