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Paintwork Services

QUICK SERVICE can undertake the full painting, wall insulation of your premises, combined with proper insulation and general renovation internally and externally.

We can undertake paintings, wall insulation of any kind for the exterior of your building, using modern machinery and hoisting equipment, platforms and scaffolding.

Paintings for apartments and shops, trowel finish, decorative finishes, oilpaint, varnishing for cabinets, doors using ecological or regular material.

Internal and external painting, wall insulation, shop painting, households, apartments, internally and externally. Painting external areas with the use of acrylic materials for durability of weather conditions.

Internal areas painting using various decorative techniques. Paintings for framework and cabinets using ecological or solvent- based paints. Giving color to your space is an important task for us. Knowing its importance for you we try to provide the best possible result.

That’s why we cooperate with major paint manufacturers and we have advanced technology equipment. We also have leveling equipment to ensure that the area to be painted will be completely flat and smooth.

Contact us to undertake your painting work