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Plumbing Services

Plumbing is one of the main factors for a building’s proper operation. Most buildings usually come up with minor or major problems that result in serious malfunctions. This is usually due to the fact that the plumbing were constructed without the correct designing and overseeing, without complying to the basic rules of art and with a random choice of materials and equipment of questionable quality.

QUICK SERVICE undertakes plumbing with a purpose of dealing with every repair, construction or renovation and provide with the correct and trustworthy solutions that won’t cause any more problems in the future.

Locate leakage with Thermal Camera

With the thermal camera can detect with accuracy leaks in hot and cold pipes, central heating as well as drains. Based on the latest technology thermal camera is the best solution to detect any leaks village about costs and inconvenience.

Installing new pipes

Plumbing for households, professional spaces and industrial buildings. The quality of materials along with our over the years experience and our modern methods for installing guarantee you the best trouble-free function and durability in time.

Spotting and fixing water leaks

We spot your problem and fix it immediately and effectively for avoiding another leak in the future.

Changing and cleaning tanks

We undertake the cleansing or installation of your new tank according to your needs.

Installation or change sanitary ware

Installation or change of all your sanitary ware, shower cabin placement, bathroom furniture, basins, batteries, flushes and in general all kinds of sanitary ware.

Amongst our plumbing services the following are also included

  • Changing water heaters
  • Pipe ventilation
  • Installing or changing taps
  • Changing or repairing pressure systems
  • Motor Installation
  • Camera system to spot leaks
  • Unblocking pipes with pressure and drill
  • Filters for drinking water
  • Central heating maintenance

Contact us for your plumbing needs