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Humidity & Mold

Humidity & Mold Services

Plumbing are one of the main factors for a building’s proper operation. Most buildings usually come up with minor or major problems that result in serious malfunctions. This is usually due to the fact that the plumbing were constructed without the correct designing and overseeing, without complying to the basic rules of art and with a random choice of materials and equipment of questionable quality.

QUICK SERVICE undertakes plumbing with a purpose of dealing with every repair, construction or renovation and provide with the correct and trustworthy solutions that won’t cause any more problems in the future.

Locate leakage with Thermal Camera

With the thermal camera can detect with accuracy leaks in hot and cold pipes, central heating as well as drains. Based on the latest technology thermal camera is the best solution to detect any leaks village about costs and inconvenience.


The height and length of rising damp in a wall can vary according to the porosity of the structure, the quantity of water in the ground and the ability of evaporation from the wall surface. The solution for problems that can be caused by rising damp in walls that are usually of old buildings made of either stone or brick is eradicated using specialized coatings and dehumidifying colors.

It can be applied in any kind of walls (stone, concrete, plaster etc.) either internally or externally in a building and provide a permanent solution not only for the damp that comes from the ground but also damp that can be caused by condensation i.e. undergrounds or for damp that can be caused by atmospheric factors.

A repair of this nature will have to regulate the discharge of the wall from all traces of water without causing damage.


QUICK SERVICE with the use of new scientific methods can face mold that causes unhygienic conditions, inelegance, mold and fungus creation. Water that is in the ground by nature is absorbed by walls.

It then escalates by capillaries that are found in plaster and transforms in steam making its appearance in internal as well as external areas. Salts that are contained in water are transported from it and are stored in the wall surface, where they are crystallized.

Thus a crust is formed which prevents evaporation of steam, the pressure that follows dilates the wall until plaster unavoidably loosens from the water overload which it cannot anymore discharge.

This phenomenon is one of the most common pathologies that anyone can distinct in conventional masonry.

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