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Cracks & Concrete Repair

Cracks & Concrete Repair Services

QUICK SERVICE can restore cracks that create between bearing structure and walls. The existence of cracks between wall and bearing structure can be caused by shrinkage dryness, high intensities or other various conflicts. Crack are through crossing, from carbon dioxide as well as chlorides that speed the process of erosion.

How we restore construction cracks

  • Opening cracks with cutting wheel (sander).
  • Dust removal, cleaning cracks.
  • Primer substrate with a material based on an ingredient on epoxy and polyurethane.

Then we coat with sealing polyurethane of an ingredient based on mastic. Suitable for sealing and high durability soldering, it grows with the atmospheric damp, becomes a resistant, flexible solder material, that doesn’t shrink to crack in time due to the fact that it doesn’t contain water.

Contact us to repair your concrete cracks